“Introduction to Aspira” You Tube. Web. 8 Feb 2010.

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Additional Resources:

"About ASPIRA | The ASPIRA Association." The ASPIRA Association | An Investment In Latino Youth. Web. 09 Feb. 2010. <>.

Summary: This web address allows people to see how the ASPIRA community is active in present day. It tells us about up coming events in the community. The website allows us to see the members of the group. It has a list of the programs that ASPIRA offers. It also has an updated blog so we can read up on how this law has affected our Latino community.

"ASPIRA Consent Decree - ASPIRA of New York, Inc., Board of Education of the City of New York." Free Site Search Engine - put a search engine on your web site or add search to your blog. Web. 09 Feb. 2010. <>

Summary: This website gave us another overview of the history of the Aspira Consent Decree. It also further explained the story that went behind the case. 

Ostrum-Grunstein, Eva. "Teaching for English Proficiency: The Need for an Evaluation of Language Programs in the New York City Public Schools.." New York City Dept. of City Planning. New York. 1989. Speech.

Summary: The article includes an evaluation of topics that would inprove the bilingual education program and statistical data is provided on two tables.

Steinberg, Lois. "Can Federal Laws Protect the Educational Interests of Language Minorities? Implementation of the Bilingual Education Act and the Aspira Consent Decree in New York City.." American Educational Research Association Meeting . San Francisco. April 8-12, 1979. Reading.

Summary: A longitudinal sociological study was conducted on the impact of the implementation of the Bilingual Education Act and the Aspira Consent Decree in New York City. The data reviewed suggest that the federal policies concerning bilingual education have provided some limited resources to promote the educational and economic interests of the Puerto Rican community in the school system. Limitations concerning the Aspira Consent Decree are discussed.

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